This quiet little 10th century mountain hamlet, an hour outside of Rome, is the place I'll disappear to in my quiet years.
The Eternal City seen thru a cheap phone camera is a oxymoron... or maybe I am just the moron.
Last time I came I had an expensive Leica, and all the film was lost, this time I got plenty of mediocre shots with my cell phone.

A Triumph dragster in progress....

Triple of Trumpets.

A Triumph single from 1938, 500cc


A Triumph twin from 1938, 500 cc. With a single mom on it......
This bike is awesome on so many levels. The mag, cylinders, tanks, the H-D single fork and wheel, exhaust, bars, and on and on!

Ballet is sort of a mystery to me.
And I don't want to unravel that mystery.

Quote: Robert Caro

...listening to MC5.

Thanks for the heads-up, Pat.
Garage visit time this Sunday:

Today`s lunch special....

"Fitting & Tuning instructions for the Wal Phillips fuel inctor"

Stating the machine:

1. Open petrol tap
2. Kick over the engine as normal
3.Should the engine flood, switch off petrol, open the throttle wide and kick over the engine a few times.
4. Always stop the engine by turning off the petrol, leaving the injector dry for instant starting.

To be continued......

HandShifter Pins

Only a Few Left !! To Purchase click here
Dan's UL

Bar goers

still not sure what to make of this...

Dan and I saying farewell to the's moving on to a new owner

Bumper of an old Ford PU in the lot

Why so happy?
Just returned from the Hudson Valley Chapter Winter Dinner up in the Catskill Mountains in New York State. Great time! Always great to get out and see people during the dead of winter.

Dr Claes showed me the difference between the different
1937 Air Snouts/Horn  , Take Note:
UL 1200 Flathead is much longer at 10"
45 WL Flathead is  8 1/2"
Knucklehead  8 1/2"  but reversed
 Tack You  Dr Claes

Lots of hideous BSA accesories..

..but only one harley part

Photos by Benoit Guerry


Photos by Benoit Guerry