Will be there.

38 SPL Zwitzerland http://www.38spl.ch/

While settin' up the Shorty Flanders for the 41 FL TT I dropped a spiral on my scalloped primary cover...fuck.... but the handle bar set up is coming along! I also put a clutch hub together and finally tightened up the oil tank, rear fender combo for good. Next will be turning down a pair of NOS spirals to fit the Flanders bars...ouch!
My good Friend Lau (and owner of my old 45" Harley Bobber)
Has opened a Hostel called Villa Blomberg, in the south island area of Denmark.

The Hostel Villa Blomberg, was once a home for orphaned kids, around 1900 - 1950

The place has properly been filled with naughty kid who raised to be decent bikers, with helpful skills, and good drinking manners...

like the rest of us...

Lau Racing the Old 45" Bobber.

I Just had the privileged to hand paint this new road sign for Lau and The Villa Blomberg.

(One Shot paint on plywood)

If you visit Denmark in the summertime, the area is great for bike rides, and it´s some of the most beautiful classic Danish scenery we can offer.

If you drop by the Hostel, ask for Lau - tell him that you have a Bobber, or know someone who knows someone, ho has a Blog where you saw one!
Then I´m sure he will give you a room with a view.

More Villa Blomberg
Hostel: HERE

Bob George is a true pioneer in the field of twin engined Harley dragracers and land speed record machines. He went to Bonneville for the first time in 1958 and build his first twin engined Harley dragracer in 1960. Other people also rode on his creations, like Don Vesco. He reached world fame with his fully streamlined “record-cigars” In 1975 Dave Campos reached a speed of  291 mph (468 km/u) with a Bob George recordbike that featured twin Shovelheads . This machine later was purchased by “Easy Riders”. They used it for their famous and successful 1980 record attempt, during which the Bob George tuned twin engined machine reached an incredible speed of 290.8 mph (468 km/h). He also filed a patent for a liquid cooling system for Harley V-twin engines in 1972.
Scarlett's been busy, just for you.

Coming soon.
I just painted the TT Knucklehead and now it's time for its final assembly.

FLTT Racing tanks are so neat, and the mandatory Knuckle Valve Spring around the seat post is in place.

5.00-16" Good Year Grasshopper and a shortened fender

4.00-19" Good Year Grasshopper and a 1947 Springer.

Late 1947 slim neck frame.

It's even got a front axle and...

A Rigid Hips Raised Transmission Kit

Tranny plate mounted with extended bolts

Sergeant Lee is coming - and you're on his list.

I'm just Watching the wheels...

Our first "Lohengrin" T.Shirt is now re-edited in limited edition (100) . Available now on store.
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Our first "Lohengrin" T.Shirt is now re-edited in limited edition (100) . Available now on store.
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linkertattacks: rico panhead engine

My engine refection is in a good way with Fred and François but still missing a pair of heads, if anyone knows one for sale, write me at freak-rico@wild-motorcycles.com
Thankslinkertattacks: rico panhead engine: "yes it is good job François!!!!!"
Time is for sure flying when life is fun, my previous post showing a pic of X-381 felt if like it was done yesterday, it was not!

Mortens Wall

I didn't want to let this slide until it was old news, so I don't have a lot of details yet, but.... The Pro Gas winner at the AMRA season opener in Bowling Green Kentucky last weekend was my friend Joe Lieske on his big inch V-Rod nick named "The Disruptor."

Joe and "The Disruptor" in fine form - two years ago!

Despite rain on Friday and unseasonably cold the remainder of the weekend, Joe managed to qualify in the #3 position. Not too shabby since Joe spent the entire last season chasing gremlins and didn't have a single opportunity to take the bike down the track with the big motor in it (though he did make a few passes with a stock Destroyer engine installed just to see if he could stand to go that slow).

Of course after qualifying was over, Joe remembered something he had noticed two years ago, switched his gearing , and ran quicker in eliminations than the #1 qualifying time. From there it was smooth sailing to the win in the finals. Cool.

Congratulations Joe, and here's wishing you a successful 2011 season!

I Tattooed this "buzzing" Kitty Wu yesterday -

Kitty Wu will "save your life"
and I´ll make it last "forever"....

More Kitty Wu HERE


Mercedes Red

Peugeot Blue

I have another project (47 FL) under way and after cleaning up the cylinder it turns out it had been "O -Ringed". I have heard about this technique but have never seen it.
heu!!!!!!! red or white now
yes it is good job François!!!!!

350 terrot 1929 for free