And Action

Ideas, Preparation, Knowledge, and Wisdom are all essential in the pursuit of Achievement, BUT…
ideas, preparation, knowledge and wisdom are useless without Action, because action is the starting point of ALL progress…

Nothing Happens Until Something Moves

Quote: A.Einstein

Joe is a long time biker, buying his first Knuck in the mid-sixties for $150. He built this Pan in classic sixties club style, and his son Cal rode it to the show. Look out for a feature in GKM soon.

Check out Cal's great blog here.

Lappin' it... The needle and seat that is...

Valve Grinding Compound and a Rubber Ducky Float

Lapped and ready for assembly

Now I'm getting somewhere. I lapped the needle and seat with valve grinding compound and assembled/installed the Linkert on my 41 FLTT. I used an old style Flathead thumb choke lever. It looks cool, works great and eliminates the cross over stuff. Now I just have to figure out a period "Bird Deflector" that will work with it....

The Invitational wasn't all about bikes... White Knight John Copeland looked pretty relaxed as he took it on the Adam's apple in front of onlookers at the show.


FTW? Copeland was living it.
Argh!!!, what a picture this is. There you have Mr. Johan H. to the left in the picture, well seated on his Henderson de-luxe C-1118. Johan is a guy filled of determination. Just look at him, no kidding this is a go fast guy with an "eat my dust attitude" written in his face.

Then there is the still unknown dandy on his ACE A-1507, looking as cool as a James Dean loong before James was ever born.
Mr. Cools`s ACE is a sport model, look at them wide handlebars they will get your body down when needed.

Whilst Johan have ripped off all parts on his bike causing excess weight Mr. Cool have kept his bike as clean as if it had just left the factory in Philadelphia. Just as clean as his white collared racing jersey.
No grease or oil on this gentleman, girlies watch out your harts will get lost with this fella.

Stay tuned, you will get better known to Johan and C-1118.


It' s going to be probably the longest post of Blogger's history, more than 250 photos... but how to describe better than with photos and to share with you our last week-end?
Located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex region in the south of England, the Goodwood circuit hosted last week-end the most important vintage reunion of the world.
Belonging to Lord March (March GP team), motor racing enthusiast, the Goodwood complex is a perfect place for the thirteenth edition of the Goodwood Vintage Revival.

No less than 150.000 participants for the three days, thousands of cars hundred of bikes and scooters fifty historic planes, a dozen of Spitfires and a Lancaster fortress flying over our heads while supercars and bikes were racing on the track. Hundreds of vintages stores, and a wall of Death.

A Great thank to Nick Clements for his kindness and "so British" sense of Humor

Welcome into the Vintage Tunnel and lets talk the images...

My Favorite "BUG": the T59 model

Dr Norton aka George Cohen

Men's File Studio, G.I- Winner of best Dressed in Military categorie Saturday

Schneider's cup 1929 Supermarine

Formula 500 Paddock

Matt Hind Men's File crew photographer

Mr Dan Force

Spirit of Ecstasy

Huggy Leaver and Fid the Lid (Mr DAVIDA)

Celebration of 100 years of in England

12.16 it's time to leave for us ! Rendez vous next year...

Stay tuned for more Medium format photos coming next week!