Skagenløpet 2011, # 3.

The reason why it’s always windy in Denmark……... They have electric fans all over to cool things down.
 It is warm and sunny, so Hans Torvald has a broad smile aboard the nice 1934 Ariel 550 cc  side valve.

Some people have more guts than others. This young man (20) did the rally on a 100 year old Wanderer…..

My" team mates" bikes: Mogens Indian Scout 1923 and Hans Torvalds Ariel 1934.

Clogs keep your feet cool in the summertime…..

I think I can find room for a BSA V- twin…..

Can you guess the name of the owner of this 1917 Henderson?

Harley Davidson single from 1916.

Indian Scout, 1923.

We were allowed to park the bikes in Brøndbys football stadium. I could nearly not resist doing some broad sides on the lawn…….


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