BSH... best cover in a long time

I used to buy BSH regularly in the early nineties, but found less and less in it of interest. Then I got cross with them when they asked to shoot my Shovel at great inconvenience to me (we were moving to Australia literally the next week), then never published the feature.

Since coming back to the UK a couple of years ago, I have got to know Blue a little bit who – as anyone who knows her knows – is a lovely woman with a penchant for traditionally-styled custom bikes. As a result, BSH's content has been improving dramatically; and this latest issue is the best I can remember in a long, long time.

Superb cover. So nice to see two great bikes (and blokes) on the cover instead of a bird draped over a bike that looks like the back of a washing machine. Plus there is good coverage of the Hot Rod Hayride (thanks for the photo Blue... I think!), and a number of feature bikes I would gladly have welcomed to GKM.

But it was amusing to read Stu's report on the Baron's latest build at the end of the mag, where GKM and DicE get a namecheck, but starts: "There can be no debate about what cultural trend happens to be flavour of the month at the moment. It might not have an all-encompassing name... but... devotees of the latest fashion don't really need one."


This "latest fashion" is something that BSH completely ignored over 15 years ago, when magazines like Iron Horse were featuring SoCal-style Panhead choppers and as-found Indian bobbers. This current "cultural trend" must have been what inspired me to build my rigid Shovel... 13 years ago. Perhaps that's why BSH dropped it back then... it just didn't meld well enough with their well-established GSXR-chopper/Reliant trike content.

So, how interesting to see the great British custom bike mag starting to get it... but still not get it at all.


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